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“We believe we can make a difference in our community by using the love and respect we have for the outdoors to bring people together for events that support, educate and encourage other.”


At Black Dog Charity, we seek to provide support for those who work to make difference in our community. True to our beginnings we will continue to support those who help in the fight against blood cancers as well as those families that are impacted by the disease. We also look to partner with other local groups that provide supporting roles for families in need. Our priority will always be to support our local community first.

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Charity Event!

When and Where:

April 22nd, 2022 6:00PM
River Ranch Stockyards

VIP Party starts at 5:00PM

500 NE 23rd St,
Fort Worth, TX 76164

For reservation and Ticket Information please contact: 

Kristen Deweese




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